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      ABOUT US

      ABOUT US


      Since in 1993, we have been specializing in manuf-acturing wooden toys and gifts for 16 years. Our produ-cts line includes xylophones, wooden blocks, educatio-nal toys, wooden vehicle toys, doll house, mini furniture,and other associated items. These products have beenexported to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia.

      Founded in 1993

      Founded in 1993
      A manufacturer specializing in the production of wooden toys and handicrafts

      Fixed assets 15 million yuan

      The company covers an area of 20000 square meters
      Fixed assets 15 million yuan

      Exports to more than 30 countries

      Export to USA, Europe, Australia, Japan
      Waiting for more than 30 countries and regions




      ad_tel.png(86)578- 5529558

      Address: No.2 Lixin Road, Chengnan Industrial Zone, Yunhe County, Zhejiang Province

      Tel: (86)578- 5529558  Cell: (86) 15157827480


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